Keypad Lind 15

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The indication and control device "Lind-15" is intended for control and indication of the state of the fire control and monitoring devices of the "Lun-11", "Lun-25" series.

When using a microSD card with photos, the photo frame is activated in sleep mode (optional).

On the back of the case there is a connector for connecting external electrical circuits and a tamper for protection against displacement of the case. A sound emitter is built into the ICU housing, which accompanies pressing the buttons and executing commands with sound signals. Touching the display turns on its backlight and is accompanied by a single short beep (one touch - one beep). Acceptance of any command for execution (correct password entry or dialing an available command) is confirmed by several short beeps. Entering an incorrect command or password ends with a continuous long beep from the transmitter. The display shows information about the status of Control Panel groups and zones, malfunctions, communication problems with the security system components, the level of the GSM, WiFi and wireless sensors signal, current time, and others. In addition, the display shows the control elements used for arming and disarming, controlling the security system functions, loops, wireless sensors, passwords and keys, as well as accessing various settings.

  • Number of displayed groups: 16
  • Number of displayed zones: 192
  • Number of plumes: 1
  • Communication interface: MON
  • Total length of the communication line: no more than 150 m
  • Supply voltage: 10.9 - 12 V
  • Current consumption in standby mode: no more than 190 mA
  • Dimensions: 142x86x15 mm
  • Weight: no more than 0.22 kg