Panel Lun 11 MOD 5

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"Lun-11" - device for security and fire alarm systems. Designed for round-the-clock control room (technical) security of objects of any complexity: both the smallest (trade pavilion, kiosk), medium (apartments, shops, restaurants), and complex (shopping centers, office buildings). Increasing the reliability of data transmission by means of redundant communication channels. It is possible to work with wireless sensors and control from a mobile phone.

Lun-11 mod.3 and Lun-11 mod.5 are the heirs of Lun-11 and functionally FULLY replaces it.


In addition, there are a number of new features that are not in Lun-11, namely::

  • non-volatile event log (read out using the Configurator software or higher)
  • transfer of pictures from the watch-dog via Wi-Fi
  • firmware update via Wi-Fi
  • update by Lun-11 mod.3 software using P433 receiver (starting from the 12 version of the receiver)
  • added zone type "entrance / security"
  • group of type "Vulture" (control of service)
  • siren presence control, the principle of siren connection has changed. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS.


Associated device versions:

  • Expander Lun11H = v24
  • Expander Lun11E = v24
  • Keyboard Lind11LCD = v37
  • Radio-receiver P433 = v12


To receive events, Phoenix-4 software must be version 1.36.38 or higher.

Technical characteristics of the "Lun-11" device:

  • the ability to flexibly add zones by expansion boards "Lun-11E", "Lun-11N" and address modules "AM-11"
  • flexible division into groups (each zone is separately assigned to any of the sixteen groups)
  • wireless control from a mobile phone (arming / disarming, mobile panic button, interrogation of the device status, "stay at home" mode)
  • support for up to 48 wireless sensors (Visonic, Ajax, Astra, Rielta, Crow, Roiscok)
  • 2 built-in slots for installing SIM-cards
  • work with GSM (on 2 SIM-cards in GPRS, Voice, CSD channels)
  • work with the W11M module, supports data transmission via wireless Internet Wi-Fi
  • individual testing of each communication channel with the monitoring station
  • when working in GPRS, the protocol with encryption is used
  • the configuration procedure is password protected
  • work with monitoring station "Rhythm" is supported
  • number of wired zones - 8
  • in case of fire-security - 2-wire connection
  • maximum number of wired zones - 144
  • number of controlled outputs - 4
  • number of connected sirens - 1
  • number of tampers - 1
  • built-in battery controller
  • siren control
  • protection against false alarms of fire detectors
  • types of zones: security, 24-hour, delayed, entrance, staged, "stay at home", general alarm, fire
  • types of loops: normally open, end-of-line resistor open alarm, end-of-line resistor short-circuit alarm, end-of-line resistor open and short circuit alarm, normally closed 2 resistors, normally open 2 resistors
  • number of security groups - 16
  • types of groups: ordinary, dependent on the logic "AND", dependent on the logic "OR"
  • number of user electronic keys in each group - 16
  • number of passwords in each group - 16 user + administrator password + fire subsystem password
  • the number of user numbers of mobile devices in each group - 7
  • number of plug-in expanders (Lun-11E and / or Lun-11H) - up to 12
  • number of connected keyboards (Lind-11, Lind-11LED, Lind-9M) - 16
  • number of connected readers of electronic keys (Lind-11TM) - 24, contactless readers (Lind-EM [EM Marine]) - 14
  • support for any anti-vandal readers
  • support for the photo-confirmation module - "Watch-Dog"
  • memory for 128 events (events are not deleted when power is reset)