Expander Lun 11E

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The Lun-11E devices do not have GSM-modems and use the Lun-11 panel to transmit messages to the monitoring station, and the expander does not have its own battery controller, therefore, it is built directly into the body of the Lun-11 main device.

PPK "Lun-11" constantly monitors the communication line. If communication with any of the connected Lun-11E devices is lost, an event “disconnected” is generated at the monitoring station with an indication of the expander address.



  • number of zones - 10 (main application - as part of "Lun-11" panel to expand zones)
  • zone types: security, 24-hour, delayed, checkpoint, staged, fire, "stay at home"


Supported line types:

  • normally closed
  • normally open
  • EOL resistor short circuit alarm
  • end of line resistor open alarm
  • end of line resistor open circuit and short circuit alarm
  • for the "Fire" zone type: normally closed 2 resistors; normally open 2 resistors;