Panel Lun 25 MOD 2

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GSM control from
mobile application

The Lun-25 security and fire alarm control panel is designed to monitor the status of security and fire alarm loops connected in a two-wire circuit, as well as control light and / or sound notifications and transmit events to a wireless centralized monitoring station (CMS). GSM communication channel or work autonomously - events are transmitted to the user observation center "Phoenix-Web" (registered user page on the website on the Internet) or via short text messages (SMS) to users mobile phones.

The main block has "Lind-27" installed - digital touch keyboard with additional LED indicators.

The PPKOP is located in the case and consists of the main unit and one or two connected display and control devices (ICD).


The ICD can be used (supplied separately):

  • "Lind-7" (with the function of reading the electronic key)
  • "Lind-11TM" (with the function of reading an electronic key)
  • Reader of contactless identification cards of the EM-Marine standard "Lind-EM"
  • "Lind-9M3" (keyboard)
  • "Lind-15" (keyboard)
  • "Lind-29" ( keyboard) Anti-vandal reader of electronic keys TouchMemory


PKOP supports up to 17 wired zones, 5 of which are located on the main unit board. The rest of the wired zones are connected using addressable expansion modules "AM-11" (up to 4 modules, each of which provides additional 3 zones). Control Panel supports up to 30 wireless zones / keyfobs through an additional radio receiver installed in the main unit housing. The types of radio systems, their operating frequency ranges and models of radio receivers for them are given in the instructions. All zones can be divided into 2 groups, each of which can be controlled by up to 16 keys and up to 7 mobile phone numbers.To transmit events to the monitoring station and remote control, GSM mobile communication channels (GPRS or Voice), as well as WiFi ( with subsequent access to the Internet).

The compatibility of the above additional ICDs is given in the instructions.

PPKOP uses AES-128 encryption of the communication protocol with the "Orlan" monitoring station.

Supplied without battery.