Transmitter GSM Lun 27C

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GSM control from
mobile application

"Lun-27С" is used as a GSM communicator in cases when a multi-line security device Satel Integra, DCS and Paradox is already installed at the object.

Has the ability to arm / disarm of several groups, remotely, through the Phoenix-MK mobile application.

"Lun-27C" connects and transmits all events to the monitoring station via the GSM channel.


«Lun-27С» characteristics:

  • Number of plumes: 2
  • Resistance of the end-of-line resistor:  2,0±5% kOhm
  • Event query size: 128
  • Outputs: 2
  • Data encryption: AES128
  • Current consumption in message transmission mode: not more than 90 mA
  • Current consumption in standby mode: not more than 65 mA
  • DC power supply voltage range at ripple: not more than 150 mV, 10 - 14 V
  • Operating temperature range (at relative humidity 80 %, no condensation):  from -5 to +40 °С