Transmitter GSM Lun 9C

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"Lun-9C" is used as a GSM communicator in cases when the security device DCS and Paradox is already installed at the object.

"Lun-9C" connects to a telephone line and transmits all events to the CMS via the GSM channel.

"Lun-9C" connects to all panels with a telephone line that supports ContactID protocol and installs in the panel housing.


«Lun-9С» features:

  • dialing - pulse
  • protocol- "Contact ID"
  • number of transfer attempts - "maximum"
  • retry time - "minimum"
  • three 24-hour loops
  • memory for 24 events
  • voltage from power supply 10 - 14 V
  • allows you to use 2 sim cards
  • GPRS channels
  • GSM channel as a backup communication channel